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Report from the construction of Panzerwagen Ratte

The vehicle is available: For construction, I used a photo cardboard 220g / m2, matte. Printed in ink. I start the construction with the chassis. First caterpillars. First, I made, I glued together the layered elements.  Routing folds. The long bends are best at the edge of the mat. I glue the rifle with glue stick and this thick element is pressed with a rubber roller. Additional flaps is glued to the cut and formed tracks. The tracks are glued together. Fenders are glued. I gently cut the outer edge to make it smooth. Fendes glued to catepillars. I glued the chassis box. Drying under load. Then I put the chassis together. I cut and glue the tower fastening. Then I mold and glue the body. After gluing together a few pics, I look: I forgot to cut a hole to fasten the tower in the body. But it was possible to cut the hole without d

Create miniatures

Print on a photo cardboard, cut, white edges painted and ready. Very simple.


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Panzerwagen Ratte

Small armored car: Ratte (Rat). It can drive on ordinary roads and heavy terrain. He carries a small troop of soldiers. Is fast. It can attack from behind an obstacle. He will introduce a dynamic and attractive element into your game. Easy to make, special skills and tools are not needed. Download: SET INCLUDE: 4 color versions ready for print layers PDF file illustrated instruction