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Chaplain mini

One day a concept figurine was created. It was supposed to be someone, inspired, rousing crowds, preaching the word. It lay in my stack of sketches for quite a long time. First I made an exact drawing, then ink stroke. Then I started to add (base) dominant colors. A raised hand and hand grasping divinity, a fleeting spirit arising when the word is preached. I thought about many options, but this hand appeals to me.   Actually, I started painting from the head. Because she is the most important, everything depends on her. I wanted to get hard features, determinated, firm, somehow put some confidence. Without eyes or mouth, he is pale, empty as a mannequin. But I had them in my imagination. I am very curious about the opinion, but I realize that hardly anyone has a google account. I painted the armor, first draw the details, then added chiaroscuro. A small detail, but I really like the striped shirt. Then came the flag. However, I did not like the drawi