Chaplain mini

One day a concept figurine was created. It was supposed to be someone, inspired, rousing crowds, preaching the word. It lay in my stack of sketches for quite a long time.

First I made an exact drawing, then ink stroke. Then I started to add (base) dominant colors.

A raised hand and hand grasping divinity, a fleeting spirit arising when the word is preached. I thought about many options, but this hand appeals to me.


Actually, I started painting from the head. Because she is the most important, everything depends on her. I wanted to get hard features, determinated, firm, somehow put some confidence.
Without eyes or mouth, he is pale, empty as a mannequin. But I had them in my imagination.

I am very curious about the opinion, but I realize that hardly anyone has a google account.

I painted the armor, first draw the details, then added chiaroscuro. A small detail, but I really like the striped shirt.

Then came the flag. However, I did not like the drawing on its surface, so I removed it. The flag looks very used on many galactic fronts. I thought it should be on a wooden stick, but it looks better forged metal in a space vacuum.
Finally, two versions were created: without weapons and with weapons. Your opinions can be invaluable.


I printed the figure on TFO Premium 190g / m2 paper. This photo paper is inferior, matte, waterproof. At the steel ruler, I cut the break. I used that does not ripple paper.


After cutting out the figurine, I painted the white edges with a marker. The black edges make the figure blend nicely with the background, other figures and models. Sensitive traditionalists would immediately point out these white edges to me 🙉!

Papercraft is very simple and cheap. No specialized tools or skills are needed. It allows you to build an interesting scenery for playing rpg or for table games. And this is the result of this work:

It's a job that was created thanks to my patrons and other people who supported me. If you like my work, tie your plans to it on the game table, support me by becoming my patron (patreon: darekpages) or even directly. Thank you very much.
End ✀


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