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It is difficult to move around the crystals. Whoever enters can freeze for ever. You can build a terrain border, set an obstacle.

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Miniatures designed for all RPG, table battle and adventure games, fantasy, modern, science fiction. Miniatures designed for scale 25mm-32mm.

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Paper miniatures

I designed cardboard figures for table and rpg battle games.

Mercenary - a set of mercenaries, which are girls:

Wolfes - predatory wild wolves:

Poisonous Fury - wild poisonous plants that can quickly spread to contaminate the area:

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Service Building

The area element is now available for download: Service Building.

This is a multi-part model that allows for any arrangement on the game table. ServiceBuilding will introduce an interesting element to your battle. You can play outside or inside. Soldiers can hide behind clothing cabinets and crates on wheels. In some situations, the pushed chest will be lethal.

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Bucket for Bulldozer

A useful addition to the Ratte vehicle - a bulldozer bucket. This Ratte will significantly increase your capabilities in your game. Panzerwagen Ratte can remove barricades set on the roads, it can push away enemy soldiers, zombies or demonstrators. A pulled bucket can be an effective shield for the unit.

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