wtorek, 21 sierpnia 2018

Paper miniatures

I designed cardboard figures for table and rpg battle games.

Mercenary - a set of mercenaries, which are girls:

Wolfes - predatory wild wolves:

Poisonous Fury - wild poisonous plants that can quickly spread to contaminate the area:

piątek, 8 czerwca 2018

Service Building

The area element is now available for download: Service Building.


This is a multi-part model that allows for any arrangement on the game table. ServiceBuilding will introduce an interesting element to your battle. You can play outside or inside. Soldiers can hide behind clothing cabinets and crates on wheels. In some situations, the pushed chest will be lethal.

More information:

I will remind you of previous posts related to this project:

wtorek, 20 lutego 2018

sobota, 10 lutego 2018

Bucket for Bulldozer

A useful addition to the Ratte vehicle - a bulldozer bucket. This Ratte will significantly increase your capabilities in your game. Panzerwagen Ratte can remove barricades set on the roads, it can push away enemy soldiers, zombies or demonstrators. A pulled bucket can be an effective shield for the unit.

Gallery: http://www.darekpages.eu/wszy/poj--/buckbull/buckbull.html
Download: http://www.wargamevault.com/product/233872/Bucket-of-Bulldozer
and sister sites.

wtorek, 30 stycznia 2018

Report from the construction of Panzerwagen Ratte

The vehicle is available: http://www.darekpages.eu/wszy/poj--/ratte/pw-ratte-index.html

For construction, I used a photo cardboard 220g / m2, matte. Printed in ink.
I start the construction with the chassis. First caterpillars. First, I made, I glued together the layered elements. Routing folds.

The long bends are best at the edge of the mat.

I glue the rifle with glue stick and this thick element is pressed with a rubber roller.

Additional flaps is glued to the cut and formed tracks. The tracks are glued together.

Fenders are glued. I gently cut the outer edge to make it smooth.

Fendes glued to catepillars.

I glued the chassis box. Drying under load.

Then I put the chassis together.

I cut and glue the tower fastening.

Then I mold and glue the body.

After gluing together a few pics, I look: I forgot to cut a hole to fasten the tower in the body. But it was possible to cut the hole without damaging the body.

I glue the tower attachment. Dry under pressure. Then I glue the rest of the body.

I glued the body to the chassis.

Tower element and tower. Tower is glued PVA glue on stick.

Panzerwagen with prototypes.

Finally, a quick test of the vehicle.